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martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Open Traditional cheese Vat
Product: Cheese Vat
This cheese vat is triple walled
and has an insulated outer wall.
Hot or cold water can circulate
in the jacket of the vat. This is
done by means of a spray pipe
for indirectly cooling or heating
the product.
The machine comes standard
fitted with a built-in thermostat
control with a integrated digital
temperature display.
The Ceres IV/VI stirring machine of the
round cheese vat is provided with a motor
reductor, stainless steel stirring mechanism
and stainless steel control panel. A
frequency convertor is used to control the
cutting/stirring speed.
The speed is adjustable between the 0 and
25 rotations per minute.
The machine also contains an automatic
curd cutting programm.
The machine is mounted on
wheels and comes with either a
manually operated tipping
mechanism (with an eccentric
wheel) or a pneumatic tipping
mechanism (cylinder operated)

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