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martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Open Top Cheese Vats

Cheese Vats

Open Top Cheese Vats

Our open top vats are designed to accommodate capacities ranging from 500Ltr through to 5000Ltr. The sample illustrated shows a 1500Ltr round vat. Vats required for larger capacities are usually supplied using the double 'O' configuration utilising twin cutting and stirring mechanisms. Our vats are made completely from stainless steel with all internal welds ground and polished for optimum hygienic cheese making conditions.
Our vats can come supplied either with single or double cavity depending on budget. Single cavity provides a 50mm water filled heating jacket on the bottom surface and sides. When steam is injected into the base of the jacket via a specially designed sparge arm, the heat is uniformly dissipated around the vat. A second external cavity if chosen provides 30mm of insulation to retain heat within the vat during the scalding process.


  • 500 to 5000 Ltr capacity round or double 'O'
  • Quickly removable stirrer/cutting frames
  • Reversible motor for clockwise stirring and anti-clockwise cutting
  • Variable speed motor for optimum stirrer/cutting speeds
  • Fully polished on all product contact surfaces
  • Self-draining base or automated pneumatic lift
  • Adjustable feet +/- 25mm
  • Removable outlet grill/mesh for fines collection
  • Hygienically integrated control housing
  • Double safe lip seal on motor drive shaft
  • Steam heating


  • Digital temperature display providing automated thermostatic on/off steam control
  • PLC control for automated stirring/cutting adjustable time parameters
  • Second insulated 30mm cavity
  • Under housing hygienic lighting

    Open vat

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