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martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

Seedster Cosechadora de Semillas

Click here for more information about this Seedster.
The Seedster  answers the need for harvesters of difficult to harvest seedsThe Seedster Team asked native grass seed producers, “What should a great grass seed harvester do?” Then they built a seed harvester to collect many  difficult to harvest seeds with ease.

The Seedster delivers a profit opportunity!
• Higher value, lower  investment cost, faster payback, low operating costs, and high rate of return
• Recovers a higher percentage of potential seed
• Faster ground speed to cover more acres
• Harvests high value difficult-to-harvest species  such as switchgrass, miscanthus, indiangrass, little bluestem, big bluestem, needlegrass,  and needleandthread grass and many others.

An answer for producers of difficult to harvest seeds• Patented counter-rotating brush and comb drum technology
• Brush-comb ‘plucking’ recovers more standing seed crop
• Complete unit on the front end loader of a tractor
•  The hydraulic PowerPack is standard  and mounts on the tractor PTO and 3-point hitch.
• Seed recovery, conveyance and collection are integrated in the header
• Minimal chaff and impurities permits higher ground speed to cover more acres
• In-cab ‘on-the-go’ brush & comb rpm adjustment as operating conditions  change
• Bottom drop door unloads fast, unloads anywhere
• Fast cleanout to control contamination
• Low operating cost
• Quick return on investment

More Features & Benefits:
• With only minor adjustments the Seedster can harvest many different  species of seeds.
• The seed producer cleans out, configures and recalibrates in minutes to  harvest other  grass species.
• Combs positively engage seed heads that lean away from stripper harvesters.
• Harvests cleaner seed.  Less time  wasted separating seed and chaff in the field.
• Effectively “plucks” seed at up to 5 mph.
• No more plugged combine augers.
• The Seedster cleans out with an air hose in 10 minutes.
• Streamlined design eases manufacture, adjustment, and maintenance.
• Light weight unit lowers fuel use and eases transport.
• The Native Seedsters team constantly assesses customer satisfaction to make  the best better.

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